Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

B.Sc (1990) and PhD (1995) on Chemical Sciences, with emphasis on Industrial Chemistry, by the Complutense University of Madrid, where he developed his teaching career since 1991 till 2003, from different lecturing positions. Previously, he got a grant for researching at the National Centre for Metallurgical research (CSIC). He enjoyed of a postdoctoral stay at the TNO Institute for Industrial Technology during 1996 and 1997. In this time, his main research lines were focused on the design of processes for the recovery of metallurgical and steelmaking wastes and the conservation of cultural heritage goods supported on paper.
He joined Rey Juan Carlos University in October of 2003, where he currently is Associate Professor. His research lines are hydrogen production in membrane reactors, crude oil flow assurance and life cycle management applied to energy production processes. He is author or co-author of more than 40 papers published on international journals, 70 contributions to national and international conferences and congresses and 4 patents. He has collaborated in 30 research projects (4 international) with public and private funding, being the responsible researcher of 8 of them. He was awarded with the AETEPA award for the best research work in the paintings field presented at the EUROCOAT 94 conference.
Currently, he is Director of the Master on Chemical and Environmental Processes Engineering, Coordinator of the PhD Programme on Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the Rey Juan Carlos University and Chairman of the Resources Commission of ESCET.
Regarding his teaching activity, he has been the responsible of several matters since the course 1992/93, most of them related to Industrial Chemistry, Projects, Environmental Management and Life Cycle Assessment. As well, he has participated in 21 other courses or masters at graduate level.

  • New technologies and strategies for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in the phase of recycling and dismantling

    Funding : Comisión Europea ()
    Start / End Years : 2016 - 2019
    Principal Investigator : Dufour Andía, Javier
    Research Team : - Dufour Andía, Javier 

Conversion of synthesis gas to aromatics at medium temperature with a fischer tropsch and ZSM-5 dual catalyst bed

Weber, J. L.; Martínez del Monte, D.; Beerthuis, R.; Dufour, J.; Martos, C.; de Jong, K. P.; de Jongh, P. E.

Robust eco-efficiency assessment of hydrogen from biomass gasification as an alternative to conventional hydrogen: A life-cycle study with and without external costs

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Gálvez-Martos, J. L.; Dufour, J.

Simulation and life cycle assessment of synthetic fuels produced via biogas dry reforming and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Navas-Anguita, Z.; Cruz, P. L.; Martín-Gamboa, M.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

How do methodological choices affect the carbon footprint of microalgal biodiesel? A harmonised life cycle assessment

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Enhanced prioritisation of prospective scenarios for power generation in Spain: How and which one?

Martín-Gamboa, M.; Iribarren, D.; García-Gusano, D.; Dufour, J.

Long-term opportunities for electricity production through municipal solid waste incineration when internalising external costs

Istrate, I. -R.; García-Gusano, D.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Lessons for regional energy modelling: enhancing demand-side transport and residential policies in Madrid

García-Gusano, D.; O’Mahony, T.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Harmonising methodological choices in life cycle assessment of hydrogen: A focus on acidification and renewable hydrogen

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Life cycle sustainability assessment of hydrogen from biomass gasification: a comparison with conventional hydrogen

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

End of life of fuel cells and hydrogen products: from technologies to strategies

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Effect of K, Co and Mo addition in Fe-based catalysts for aviation biofuels production by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Martínez del Monte, D.; Vizcaíno, A. J.; Dufour, J.; Martos, C.

Revisiting ISEW valuation approaches: the case of Spain including the costs of energy depletion and of climate change

O`Mahony, T.; Escardó, P.; Dufour, J.

Environmental impact efficiency of natural gas combined cycle power plants: A combined life cycle assessment and dynamic data envelopment analysis approach

Martín-Gamboa, M.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Harmonising the cumulative energy demand of renewable hydrogen for robust comparative life-cycle studies

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Is coal extension a sensible option for energy planning? A combined energy systems modelling and life cycle assessment approach

García-Gusano, D.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Long-term modelling and assessment of the energy-economy decoupling in Spain

García-Gusano, D.; Suarez-Botero, J.; Dufour, J.

Exergy analysis of hydrogen production via biogas dry reforming

Cruz, P. L.; Navas-Anguita, Z.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Modelling of co-processing of HDO-oil with VGO in a FCC unit

Cruz, P. L.; Montero, E.; Dufour, J.

Harmonised life-cycle global warming impact of renewable hydrogen

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

Life cycle assessment of hydrogen energy systems: A review of methodological aspects

Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.