Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Pablo Juárez Bonilla got his degree in Chemical Engineering from Rey Juan Carlos University in 2016 where he did his training at Hutchinson Rubber Industries, S.A. That year he started a Chemical Engineering post-degree imparted by Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) and Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). For 1 year and a half he worked as a Technician in Sales Department in Equirepsa, S.A. Currently, he Works as a Researcher in the Chemical and Energetic tecnhnology Department at Rey Juan Carlos University. The research field in which he focuses is the synthesis of efficient catalytic systems for biomass transforming in added value chemical products.
Stable continuous production of -Valerolactone frombiomass-derived Levulinic Acid over Zr–Al-Beta zeolite catalyst

López-Aguado, C.; Paniagua, M.; Melero, J. A.; Iglesias, J.; Juárez, P.; López Granados, M.; Morales, G.

Sn–Al-USY for the valorization of glucose to methyl lactate: switching from hydrolytic to retro-aldol activity by alkaline ion exchange

Iglesias, J.; Moreno, J.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.; Juárez, P.; López-Granados, M.; Mariscal, R.; Martínez-Salazar, I.