Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

José Aguado was born in Madrid in 1950. He studied Chemistry (Chemical Engineering) at the Complutense University and received his Ph. D. on Chemical Engineering in the same University in 1978. He undertook a postdoctoral research at the “Institute du Genie Chimique in Toulouse during 1981.He was Associate Professor from 1979 to 1998 in the Chemical Engineering Department of Complutense University, and Full Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology of Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He was Director of the School of Experimental Sciences and Tecnology in this University from 1998 to 2008.
His research has been addressed to the synthesis of solid catalysts and adsorbents as well as their application to a great variety of chemical systems. During the last years his work has been focused to the field of Environmental Engineering, specifically referred to the catalityc application of zeolites and mesostructured materials in the treatment of wastewaters and in the recycling-valorization of waste plastics. At present, he is coordinator of the Madrid Network in Advanced Treatments of Wastewaters Containing non-Biodegradable Pollutants (REMTAVARES) and he is member of the Board of Trustees of the Madrid Institute of Advances Studies in Water Technologies (IMDEA Water).
He has been the head in more then 60 research projects funded by Public Institutions and Private Companies and advisor of 20 Ph. D. Thesis. He has written over 130 scientific articles and he is coauthor of eight text-books on Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering.

Transportation fuel production by combination of LDPE thermal cracking and catalytic hydroreforming

Escola, J. M.; Aguado, J.; Serrano, D. P.; Briones, L.

Hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolites synthesized by silanization of protozeolitic units: Mediating the mesoporosity contribution by changing the organosilane type

Serrano, D. P.; Pinnavaia, T. J.; Aguado, J.; Escola, J. M.; Peral, A.; Villalba, L.

Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of isoproturon in aqueous solution: Experimental design and intermediate products analysis

López-Muñoz, M. J.; Revilla, A.; Aguado, J.

Coupling membrane separation and photocatalytic oxidation processes for the degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants

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Deactivation and regeneration of a Ni supported hierarchical Beta zeolite catalyst used in the hydroreforming of the oil produced by LDPE thermal cracking

Aguado, J.; Serrano, D. P.; Escola, J. M.; Briones, L.

Developing advanced catalysts for the conversion of polyolefinic waste plastics into fuels and chemicals

Serrano, D. P.; Aguado, J.; Escola, J. M.

Conversion of polyethylene into transportation fuels by the combination of thermal cracking and catalytic hydroreforming over Ni-Supported hierarchical Beta zeolite

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Hydrorreforming over Ni/H-beta of the thermal cracking products of LDPE, HDPE and PP for fuel production

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Photocatalytic removal of s-triazines: Evaluation of operational parameters

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Synthesis of hierarchical ZSM-5 by silanization and alkoxylation of protozeolitic units

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Mercury removal from aqueous solutions of HgCl2 by heterogeneous photocatalysis with TiO2

López-Muñoz, M. J.; Aguado J.; Arencibia A.; Pascual R.

El papel de la Química en la valorización de los residuos plásticos

Aguado, J.; Serrano, D. P.; Escola, J. M.; Briones, L.

  • Anles de Qumica, 107(1), 76-83 (2011)

Catalytic hydroreforming of the polyethylene thermal cracking oil over Ni supported hierarchical zeolites and mesostructured aluminosilicates

Escola, J. M.; Aguado, J.; Serrano, D. P.; García, A.; Peral, A.; Briones, L.; Calvo, R.; Fernández, E.

Regeneration of thiol-functionalized mesostructured silica adsorbents of mercury

Arencibia, A.; Aguado, J.; Arsuaga, J. M.

Influence of the thermal treatment upon the external properties of sol-gel mesoporous ?-alumina synthesized with cationic surfactants

Aguado, J.; Escola, J. M.; Castro, M. C.

Heavy metals removal from water by adsorption on propylthiol-functionalised mesoporous silica obtained by co-condensation

Aguado, J.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Arencibia, A.

Morphological modifications of Cr/SBA-15 and Cr/Al-SBA-15 ethylene polymerization catalyst: Influence on catalytic behaviour and polymer properties

Aguado, J.; Calleja, G.; Carrero, A.; Moreno, J.

Sol-gel titania and titania-silica mixed oxides photocatalysis

van Grieken, R.; Aguado, J.; López-Muñoz, M. J.; Marugán, J.

Catalytic properties in polyolefin cracking of hierarchical nanocrystalline HZSM-5 samples prepared according to different strategies

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Membrane treatment applied to aqueous solutions containing atrazine photocatalytic oxidation products

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