Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

L. Fernando Bautista received his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid and obtained his Ph.D. from the same institution. Following this, he started his professional carrer in the R&D Centre of Probisa and then in the Process Department of Técnicas Reunidas and as freelance Consultant. He has developed his teaching and research carreer in the Chemical Engineering Department of the Complutense University (1996-2004). In 2004, he joined the Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology (Rey Juan Carlos University). He has been Visiting Researcher in the Center for Process Biotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark (1998-1999).
One of his main research lines if focused in the area of biofuels, especially in the development of new heterogeneous catalysts and in the search for new alternative renewable raw materials for biodiesel. He has worked in the development of a patented process, as well as in the design, construction and start-up of a biodiesel plant (5000 Tm/y) in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, being Deputy Technical Manager (2002-2004). In the biotechnology field, he has been working in the development and modelling of downstream processing of enzymes, antibiotics and vaccines and in the production of industrial enzymes by fermentation and their use as immobilised biocatalysts. Now, his research interests lie in the development of bioremediation and biodegradation of organic pollutants by microorganisms and immobilised enzymes.
He has taught in many subjects related to chemical engineering and environmental technology both at undergraduate and post-graduate level. Now, he is Coordinator of the Environmental Engineering Degree at Rey Juan Carlos University.

Stability of selected hydrogen bonded semiconductors in organic electronic devices

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Mild hydrothermal pretreatment of microalgae for the production of biocrude with a low N and O content

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Environmental and techno-economic evaluation of B-carotene production from Dunaliella salina. A biorefinery approach

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Biodiesel production (FAEEs) by heterogeneous Combi-Lipase biocatalysts using wet extracted lipids from microalgae

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New approach for biological synthesis of reduced graphene oxide

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Modelling the adsorption and controlled release of drugs from the pure and amino surface-functionalized mesoporous silica hosts

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Biological removal of pharmaceutical compounds using white-rot fungi with concomitant FAME production of the residual biomass

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Opportunities for Nannochloropsis gaditana biomass through the isolation of its components and biodiesel production

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Acid-catalyzed production of biodiesel over arenesulfonic SBA-15: Insights into the role of water in the reaction network

Melero, J. A.; Bautista, L. F.; Morales, G.; Iglesias, J.; Sánchez-Vázquez, R.

Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by laccase from Trametes versicolor covalently immobilized on amino-functionalized SBA-15

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Municipal sewage sludge to biodiesel by simultaneous extraction and conversion of lipids

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Enzymatic production of biodiesel from Nannochloropsis gaditana microalgae using immobilized lipases in mesoporous materials

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New insights in the deactivation of sulfonic modified SBA-15 catalysts for biodiesel production from low-grade oleaginous feedstock

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Physical and chemical treatments to prevent the growth of microorganisms in diesel fuel storage tanks

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Continuous production of biodiesel from low grade feedstock in presence of Zr-SBA-15: Catalyst performance and resistance against deactivation

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Biodegradation of high-molecular-weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by a wood-degrading consortium at low temperatures

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Assesment of the efficiency of in situ bioremediation techniques in a creosote polluted soil: Change in bacterial community

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Production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil in a continuous packed bed reactor with an agglomerated Zr-SBA-15/bentonite catalyst

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Efecto de la concentración de surfactante y de la temperatura en la biodegradación de naftaleno, antraceno y fenantreno por Enterobacter sp., Pseudomonas sp. Y Stenotrophomonas sp. Aislados de un consorcio degradador de HAP

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Zr-SBA-15 acid catalyst: Optimization of the synthesis and reaction conditions for biodiesel production from low-grade oils and fats

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