Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Inmaculada Suarez Muñoz received her BS and MSc in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry) in 1999 at the Complutense University of Madrid and her Ph.D. in 2006 at the Rey Juan Carlos University. From 1999 to 2006 she has worked as an Assistant lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the Rey Juan Carlos University obtaining her Ph. D. development supported catalysts to synthetize ethylene / propylene copolymers. Since 2008 she has been working as a lecturer of the Chemical and Environmental Technology Department at the Rey Juan Carlos University, up to date. She teaches in the area of Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Her research focuses on the impregnation of catalysts for polymerization, the synthesis of copolymers and terpolymers, and the characterization of them.

Experimental data and modeling of viscosities and densities of pyrene + toluene + heptane mixtures at T = (293.15 to 343.15) K

Tenorio, M.J.; Suárez, I.; Magdaleno, J.D.; González, M.A.; Coto, B.

Influence on properties and phase structure of single gas-phase reactor made impact polypropylene copolymers

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Development of a new synthetic method based on in situ strategies for polyethylene/clay composites

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Molecular characterization of polypropylene heterophasic copolymers by fractionation techniques

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Ethylene/1-Hexene copolymers produced with MAO/(nBuCp)2ZrCl2) supported on SBA-15 materials with different pore sizes

Paredes, B.; van Grieken, R.; Carrero, A.; Suarez, I.; Soares, J. B. P.

Study of the “in-situ blended” method for polyethylene/clay preparation: effect of clay pretreatment

van Grieken, R.; Carrero, A.; Suarez, I.; Paredes, B.

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Ethylene polymerization over (nBuCp)2ZrCl2/MAO catalyst system supported on aluminosilicate SBA-15 mesostructured materials.

Carrero, A.; van Grieken, R.; Suarez, I.; Paredes, B.

Effect of 1-hexene comonomer on polyethylene particle growth and kinetic profiles

van Grieken, R.; Carrero, A.; Suarez, I.; Paredes, B.

Ethylene polymerization over supported MAO/(nBuCp)2ZrCl2 catalysts: Influence of support properties

van Grieken, R.; Carrero, A.; Suarez, I.; Paredes, B.

Characterization of ethylene-1-hexene copolymers made with supported metallocene catalysts: Influence of support type

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Determination of dn/dc values for ethylene-propylene copolymers

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Synthesis and characterization of ethylene/propylene copolymers in the whole composition range

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Following the Extent of a Reaction with the Help of Maple

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The role of hydroxyl groups on the silica surface when supporting metallocene/MAO catalyst

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